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Krishnendu Das

Krishnendu Das

Krishnendu Das

B. Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering
Honors, School of Science
Spring 2001 - Fall 2004

Sr. Coordinator, Head of IT in SAJIDA Foundation
2012-05-15 to Present

Contact Information

Phone: 01715428407
Mobile: 01715428407
Email: [email protected]

Previous Jobs


0000-00-00 to Present

JOB RESPONSIBILITY: Maintain and established structure Office Network, Radio link with their Mills, Factory and Corporate office, Windows 2000 Active Directory Domain server, Internet server, Essential and Important Linux Sendmail based Mail server and Web server which parked in the office. Also have to maintain Oracle and SQL based Database serverEmployee management, Procurement Software developed previously of my join and to Develop the New Sales-Inventory-Procurement & HR software(VB, SQL, Crystal Report based) which is exclusively needed to them because sells & marketing is their important department. Implemented Accounting Software from Outsource. Maintain the Website and Supervise their Web and Software Development Team.

Associated with BEXIMCO in Deep Red Games/Studio Limited

2007-01-01 to 2008-00-01

UK Based 3D Games Development Company

MANAGER, IT & hellip & DEEP RED STUDIOS in Bangladesh Online Limited [BOL] A BEXIMCO Company.

0000-00-00 to Present

RESPONSIBILITY: Manage their Office Network, Dell Servers/Workstations Machine, Hardware (Firewall/Router device, NAS, Switches) , Backup system, Internet System, mail, web, domain, SubVersion & Alienbrain Version control & file servers and Other Employees requirement & Problem in MS Windows 2003 Active Directory and MS Exchange2003. It & rsquo;s a Totally IT enabled, ISP, web and a 3D games development company and there everything is under IT. So I have to monitor others workflow and guide them.

MANAGER, Network Service & NOC, Bangladesh Online Limited. in BEXIMCO

0000-00-00 to Present

RESPONSIBILITY: Monitoring and Maintenance Core Network (Fiber, DSL & Radio), Switching, Server, Router and IP Routing, Bandwidth and Link. User and Mail maintenance, Client end, Outer POP and NOC maintenance and monitoring. Implemented IPLC and MPLS VPN, Modified Network by designing VLAN, Trunk, STP, redundant connectivity system. Configuring required mail, web, proxy, IPPBX, monitoring /log server & Assure security by Hardware/Software Firewall , QOS, Antivirus, port mapping and IP filter.


2008-10-01 to Present

RESPONSIBILITY: Monitoring and Maintenance Core Network with Copper Cable and Fiber, Server, Router, Bandwidth and Link. User and Mail, web, proxy, DNS server maintenance, Client end, Outer POP and NOC maintenance, security and monitoring. Configuring required and monitoring/maintenance of existing mail, web, proxy, monitoring /log server & Assure security. Dial-UP TCR, RADIUS and Bill server management. Implementing STP redundant connectivity system, new connection system like , more monitoring system also server, system, network and bandwidth level problem fixing. Spam/AV guard, firewall, Telephony, Net flow implementing. Organize Control Room, Management of Control room, guiding to junior control room, service and support executives. ACHIEVEMENT: Got Employee of the Month awards for 2 Times/Month, Increment & Best Department for better Performance DURATION: From: Jul (Contractual)-Oct-2008(Joined as Permanent) to May 2009 (1 Yr), Dec- 2010 to Mar-2011 (4 Mon).


2009-07-01 to 2010-06-01

RESPONSIBILITY: Managing, Customize the Operation by ERP, CRM, HR, Acc, Fin, Supply Chain and Business Solution Software. In charge of BPO (Back processing Office), Dhaka, Bangladesh, Maintenance of Microsoft Dynamics GP, CRM, FRx and ERP Customization, Reporting and Implementing is my main responsibility. In addition I work on new service implementation like Active Directory Base Domain, Exchange, e-mailing system/ server, Office Communication System, IP telephony, VPN between the Global offices for MIS enrichment. New MIS base business idea and Planning. System and High End Server level solution Providence. Also look after the Managing & Development of MIS, Develop, Update and maintenance of Website. Implementing Call Center. ACHIEVEMENT: Chairman Awarded for the Performance of Web, ERP, CRM Implementation, Increment & Promotion.

Deputy Manager, IT in LABAID Group

2010-06-01 to 2011-01-01

Hospital, Diagnostic, Health Care, Property & Education. RESPONSIBILITY: Main Job responsibility is to maintain existing and develop the new software and Database system where it’s a fully software base operated organization. Fixing existing bugs, reorganizing with new policy, update the system, Meet new requirements from management, Guide in-house software development team, help them by sharing knowledge and work directly with them. Policy making. Guide, managing schedule, Database Backup. Here Running system developed by Visual Basic 6 with Oracle 8i and also SQL Server 2000. We are planning and working for further development some web base with .net technology by. Also Managing and organizing IT operation, planning for further development. Monitoring the proper uses of Internal IT resource like Server, Network, Computer System, Web and Software. and look after the Hardware and Network support team to ensure the quick and proper required support. Providing essential solution specially and work on it. Give technical support to Setup & Run Call Center.

System Administrator, IT in Rise Up Labs Limited

2011-00-11 to 2012-10-31

RESPONSIBILITY: To build up a world standard IT infrastructure to run software development operation specially Computer/Mobil/Console/Web base game/apps design, development and testing. Maintain both wired and wireless network, Active Directory 2008, SVN, Project management, Mail and WHM Server (Web, FTP, MySQL, PHP Along with Plesk Control Panel). Also have redundancy of Internet Connectivity and Data ware house. We publish all of our game and apps from our Publishing own managed server ware. For testing purpose we have a same replica set also. We practice the best by Project Management using Redmine and Source, Version and Asset management using SVN in both MS Windows and Apple Macintosh development and design environment. Here we implement roaming and manage network environment that assure the best availability of resource from anywhere in the network. We have unified communication system to communicate with each other from anywhere in local network and outside using openfire. Here we use both Linux and Windows for our Server Environment. We have implemented here the best Mail collaboration Server now a days is Zimbra. We practice BCP and DRP properly. We have the isolation of our network by separate VLAN Using Cisco and Level One Switch. We use MikroTIK for core routing management. We have policy base user and operation management of Device usage ensure the security and proper operating. We monitor graph of usage and access control as we have Monitoring system. ACHIEVEMENT: Successful Risers for complete the Milestone Level 15 Syed Grand Center, Plot 89, Road 28, Sector 7, Uttara, Dhaka

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